What About Her?

An Indie Rock and R&B Band
Teaneck, New Jersey

Music Room

Band Biography

What About Her has been writing and playing our own music since 2015.  We write songs and we rearrange popular songs we love.  Members are:

  • Alison Mauro - Lead vocals, guitar.  Ali's high and beautiful voice soars, and her quirky, sumptuous songs form the centerpiece of the group's music.

  • Rich Mauro - Guitar, Slide Guitar,  Vocals.  Rich's guitar and slide form a gritty backdrop to the music.

  • Randy Chase - Bass, Vocals.  The bass provides a muscular musical framework.  Strange effects keep it spacey and experimental.

  • Larry Averick - Drums and Percussion, Vocals.  Larry holds it all together and keeps it pumpin'.

Music Set
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